Meet Our Team

Jay Cowin

Jay Cowin - Mr. Cowin worked for many years as an auto shop/drivers ed. teacher in Maui, regulary driving new students on the Hana Highway (a very curvy highway with steep cliffs, dangerous drop offs, and one lane bridges). Jay is the owner of Aloha Driving Schools and is active in teaching in the classroom and driving sessions. He has taught drivers education throughout many years and is a certified Master Examiner.


Vito Mortillaro - Vito is more commonly know as "Mr. M." He's a certified driver instructor who's helped many students improve their driving skills and also teaches students in the classroom.


Alex Cowin - Alex works in the office and is also a certified driver instructor. If you like coffee early in the morning, you might also see him serving up a cup of joe at Fiddlers. 

ADS Paul 

Paul Jefferies - Not only is Paul an excellent drivers education instructor, but he is a great math teacher at R.A. Long in Longview.

   female avatar 378x470   Brenda Cowin - Brenda is our accountant who also enjoys decorating around the school.

   female avatar 378x470   Doddie Mead - Doddie also works in our accounting division, helping Brenda with any questions that may arise.


Aloha Driving Schools was established in 2013 by Jay and Brenda Cowin. Through the past 3 years, Aloha has taught over a thousand students how to drive safely and competently through teaching in the classroom as well as behind the wheel instruction.

We support missions!

New Generation Ministries Haiti

From the very beginning, their mission has been “To come alongside the people of Haiti to help them help themselves attain a sustainable life in Christ, with a real hope for the future.” So far, their work involves The Good Shepherd's Children Village, Schools, The Life Giving Church, a Medical Clinic, and Well-Drilling. “We are not going to do it for them, we are going to help them do it.”

To learn more about New Generations Ministries Haiti Click Here

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