Drive Test

Driving tests at Aloha Driving Schools are only available after passing the written test. The driving tests can be scheduled online or by contacting the office. The drive test includes basic knowledge of your vehicle, such as: starting your vehicle, driving in traffic, and obeying traffic signals and signs. See the detailed list below for everything tested for in the drive test. Drive test take approximately 30 minutes. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time so we can get you ready for the test.

The cost of the Drive Test is $50 if you provide the vehicle for the drive test.
The cost of the Drive Test is $100 if you would like to use one of Aloha Driving School's vehicles for the test.

We recommend you use your personal vehicle to take the test in, since that will be what you will be normally driving. If you use your personal vehicle make sure you have proof of valid car insurance and that your car is legal to drive. This includes but is not limited to: current vehicle registration (tabs), ALL lights working (brake, blinker, reverse, headlight, taillight), at least the drivers side mirror and either the passenger or rear view mirror, and working driver and front passenger seat belts.

Drive Test Videos

The Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) has made these four short videos about what to expect from the drive test.

what you will be tested on (detailed list)

This detailed list below is copied exactly from the DOL’s website on what you will be tested on during the drive test.

You'll be tested on:

  • Starting your vehicle.

  • Leaving the curb, do you signal and wait until it's safe to re-enter traffic?

  • Controlling the vehicle, do you:

    • Use the gas pedal, brake, steering wheel, and other controls correctly?

    • Change your speed to suit the number and speed of other vehicles, pedestrians, road conditions, weather conditions, construction, amount of light, and the distance you can see ahead?

  • Driving in traffic, do you:

    • Use the proper lane?

    • Signal to change lanes?

    • Change lanes carefully?

    • Follow other vehicles at a safe distance?

    • Turn your head and look back before changing lanes?

    • Signal the proper distance before turning?

  • Obeying traffic signals and signs, do you:

    • Turn into the proper lane without cutting the lane or going wide into the improper lane?

  • Driving through blind or crowded intersections, do you:

    • Scan carefully for signs, signals, pedestrians, and other vehicles?

    • Yield and take the right-of-way correctly?

  • Stopping

    • Do you stop smoothly and at the right spot?

    • Can you stop quickly and safely in an emergency?

  • Backing up

    • Do you look over your right shoulder?

    • Can you back in a straight line?

    • Do you have complete control of your car?

  • Judging distance, do you stay a safe distance away from:

    • Other cars when following or passing, or

    • People walking or riding on the roadway?

  • Respecting the rights of others

    • Are you courteous to other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists?

    • Do you pay full attention to the driving task?

  • Performing specific maneuvers, can you successfully complete all of the following?

    • Arms signals for right/left turns and slow or stop. (You may use arm signals during the test.)

    • A brake reaction test/emergency stop.

    • Parking on a hill.

    • Parallel parking.

    • Simulating backing out of driveway or alley into traffic using a corner.

If you have any other questions about the drive test, please contact us.