Instruction options


Driver’s Training Course

The Driver's Ed Course is a 5 week program consisting of 15 sessions. Each session is two hours in length for a total of 30 hours of classroom instruction. Classes meet three days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday. Our Driver's Ed course was created to be as convenient and interesting as possible. The instruction includes interesting PowerPoint presentations, relevant videos, classroom assignments, games, quizzes, and of course engaging homework.


Private lessons

Our instructors take special care and attention to the students needs starting with what they are comfortable with and progressing at a safe rate for the student. All private lessons are performed must be done in one of our certified vehicles. Contact the office to schedule a private lesson today.

Special Note: For anxious drivers that need a little extra TLC, our friendly instructors are known for their ability to carefully instruct nervous drivers. We start with simple tasks and move to more complex driving skills, always at a comfortable pace for the student.