Knowledge Test (Written Test)

The knowledge test, also called the written test, is a 40 question, multiple choice test that covers the fundamentals of driving. To pass, one must score 80% or higher. Most people take between 20-40 minutes to take the test. No need to make an appointment, just walk in and take the knowledge test in our office during our normal business hours: Our Hours.

The Knowledge Test costs $30.
The Knowledge Test read aloud costs $60 and must be scheduled by contacting the office directly: Contact Us.


Drive Test

Drive tests at Aloha Driving Schools are only available after passing the written test. The drive test can be scheduled online or by contacting the office. The drive test includes basic knowledge of your vehicle, such as: starting your vehicle, driving in traffic, and obeying traffic signals and signs. The drive test takes approximately 30 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time so we can get you ready for the test. For more information and videos about the drive test click Learn More.

The Drive Test costs $50 if you provide the vehicle for the drive test.
The Drive Test costs $100 if you would like to use one of Aloha Driving School's vehicles for the test.