Aloha’s A-Team

 The secret sauce to our success.


Jay cowin - founder

Jay started teaching drivers education classes in 1986 in Hana, Maui and has been teaching ever since. In 2013 he started Aloha Driving Schools. Not only is he an awesome instructor, but he is a certified Examiner Trainer, meaning he can train instructors. An interesting fact about Mr. Cowin, is that his first job was at the Sunny Jim Peanut Butter Factory.

mr. M2.jpg

vito Mortillaro

Vito is more commonly know as "Mr. M." He is an excellent certified driveing instructor and examiner. He has been a star player at Aloha since 2015. His fun personality and stories make him one of the student’s favorite instructors. If you want a good story, ask him about his cat’s latest adventure.


Paul Jefferies

Paul is another one of our excellent certified driving instructors. He has been with us since 2015. You might also know him from R.A. Long High school in Longview where he is a math teacher. You might catch sight of him at a local baseball, fastpitch, or softball game as he local umpire.


Brenda Cowin

Brenda helps takes care of the accounting as well as many other behind the scene type activities that keep the company running smoothly. She is the best teammate that one could ever ask for, which is one of the many reason’s Mr. Cowin asked her to marry him over 30 years ago (she said yes). You may have met her over the years at Northwest Pediatrics or Labor and Delivery at the local hospital where she worked was a Nurse.


Laura Baumel

Laura has been with us since 2019. She is one of our excellent certified instructors. She has 1 cat named Taco and 1 cat named Pumpkin. Laura’s favorite place to eat is Chick-fil-A.


Maranda paramo

Maranda has been with us since 2018. You will see her smiling face most days when you stop by the office. She takes care of scheduling and other office needs. She enjoys spending time with family and friends in her free time.


Joel Cowin

Joel has been with Aloha Driving Schools since 2019. He has been teaching driver training for well over 10 years. Also it is not a cowin-cidence [coincidence], that he shares last names with Jay, since he is Jay’s baby brother.


Al Bossart

Al has been on our team since 2019. He is one of our excellent certified driving instructors with years of experience. If you get tired of Mr. M’s cat stories, give Al a try and ask him about the low rider car with fuzzy dice. Not only is Al a great employee, but he has also been an awesome neighbor to Mr. Cowin for well over 20 years.

Jon Rooklidge- Certified Driving Instructor